How to make an awesome SpacePals profile

Signing up doesn't make you friends – showing yourself does. In this article, we'll give you a few tips that'll turn your profile page in a total catch.

Tip #1. Upload at least one picture

In particular, set a profile picture. If you don't, others will likely have the impression that you're overly seclusive, reserved and/or even a little bit fishy - that's no good!

Instead, start looking in your gallery for a picture that you consider worthy of sharing. Colorful pictures of a smiling face have proven to be the most successful ones, and it makes perfect sense. They're very warm and welcoming, exactly what you need to show to your potential new friends.

However, remember to read our Terms of Service before uploading your pictures, especially #8.

Tip #2. Say something about yourself

How is anybody supposed to be interested in you when you provide zero info about yourself? Start by introducing yourself. The text doesn't have to be long, in fact, we advise you to keep it as short as possible. Give the world a brief introduction to your personality, this will massively help other users to understand who you are.

Tip #3. Specify the languages you're learning and the ones you already know

This is fundamental in giving others a quick overview of the languages you're able to speak fluently, and those which you're willing to learn.

Tip #4. Fill in your preferences

You can fill fields such as hobbiesfavorite musicmoviesbooks and more. These fields will help your future foreign friend to better understand your tastes in life, thus greatly increasing the chances of initiating an interesting conversation.

Tip #5. Customize your profile's appearance

Aside from your profile picture, you can do 2 other things to spice up the appearance of your profile:
- picking a color theme;
- picking a background image;

Both these customizations will add personality to your profile page, so go check them out:

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