How to make friends online

Making friends online – or "internet friends" is likely one of the easiest and most adventurous ways to enrich and boost your social life.

1. How to find new friends online

Meeting new people online is ridiculously easy, but let's discuss on how to create authentic and long-lasting connections. To make new friends online, the first step is to understand what you're looking for;

These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before filling out your profile.

By showing an accurate image of your personality, you get a much higher chance of finding like-minded people and thus increase the chances of meeting great people!

Click here to learn how to fill out an awesome profile.✨

2. How to initiate a conversation

Nobody likes the typical "Hi, how are you?", and we agree, it's pretty boring. :/

Instead, focus on the actual person you're talking to. What does their profile say?

Are they interested in horror movies just like you are? Then that's a great chance to initiate a conversation! Start by sharing what your favorite movies are, or by asking for their opinion on a given title. This will get you engaged with the other person's thoughts, ideas and feelings and thus, you'll be one step closer to becoming friends.

3. How to choose who to contact online

No matter how picky or spontaneous you are, you'll have to be the one choosing with whom to initiate a conversation. This is our pro tip: avoid profiles with very little to no information.

Speaking of which, make sure to contact us if you were to spot any users using fake images/infos, this way you'll greatly contribute into making SpacePals a cleaner place. 👌

4. Stand out from the crowd with a great profile

This is a very important one. Remember that your profile page is what others will be seeing, this will be your presentation, your mirror to the world. If you want to make sure you're not lagging behind, check out this guide.

5. 5 Mistakes to avoid

A. Never share too much information about yourself;

The internet can be an amazing place, as well as a creepy one.

Here at SpacePals we truly disdain the latter, and that's why we strongly encourage all of our users not to share information such as telephone number and home address in their public profiles.

We want to make sure your experience is safe, and that's why we don't ask for information such as GPS location, unlike most other social websites.

B. Not setting a profile picture;

What's the worst thing you can think of? For us, it's a profile without a picture!

By doing so, you're showing yourself as a very anonymous and private person – for some even a bit sketchy, that's not very welcoming nor helpful when looking for new friends.

Start looking in your gallery for a memorable picture that's worth sharing.

Colorful pictures of a smiling face have proven to be the most successful ones, and it makes perfect sense. They're very warm and welcoming, exactly what you need to show to your potential new friends.

However remember to read our Terms of Service before uploading your pictures, especially #8.

C. Being flirty;

This is not a dating website, it's about making good friends.

We discourage users to flirt early-on from the registration process, however some may be more stubborn than others.

If you were to experience harassment of any sorts, please to report it to us and we'll take act. 

D. Being impatient;

Making new friends can take time, and that's because some of us are a bit more shy or introverted. You'll have to be patient, even if you're not seeing any results in the first few weeks. Your next best friends may be just about to send you a message!

E. Writing novels to your friend (instead of answers);

While it's not wrong to write long answers — it shows that you're very interested, and that you have so much to share — just make sure that it's mutual. Some of us may have busier schedules, and you must respect that.

So pay attention to how much they're writing and react accordingly; very long answers may make your friend feel overwhelmed.

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